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Kristin is a Southern Georgia belle, who graduated from UGA as a veterinarian May 2010. Carter grew up in NC, went on to seminary, became an ordained pastor, and has completed his doctorate of ministry. Carter resided in SC for about 7 years (4 of these years with Kristin), and we now reside in FL. After about a month of emailing, asking questions, and going through the steps of eharmony.com, we were full of excitement and became very eager to meet one another face to face. October 25, 2009, we met and enjoyed every minute together. We had no doubt God was going to strengthen our relationship with Him as well as with one another. Carter proposed August 9, 2010 on the boat in the middle of Lake Wylie at sunset. Kristin said "Yes" after some happy tears. We got married April 2, 2011 and what an amazing beautiful day that was! God has continued to bless us throughout our marriage. We look forward to see what He has in store for us each and every day. We are super blessed to be down in Boca serving the Lord. God is constantly surprising us with new callings!

God's Timing

“Want to go back in the ocean one more time before we leave,” Carter asked Kristin.
“Sure. Let me finish this chapter,” Kristin replied.
“Sounds great,” Carter happily commented.
Kristin continued reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks while Carter continued to dig into his Servolution book.  A shadow quickly went over Kristin’s kindle, and then, SPLAT!!!!!!  She wanted to scream, but all she could do was laugh.  A bird pooped on her right arm.  Gross!  Hilarious!  Off to the ocean we went...before we finished our chapters.  We couldn’t help but say, “Guess God had a different plan and timing in mind!”  (We all have a gazillion stories that can fall under this category, don’t we?)  We randomly laughed all throughout the rest of the day, replaying this bird incident over and over again in our heads.  Have you ever heard people say, “God has a sense of humor?”
On a more serious note, this past week, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard some of our new PIPC family members say “Ya’ll coming when you did was definitely His timing.”  For that matter, Carter and I have both said on multiple occasions... “It’s God’s timing.”  To make a long story short, we have hit the ground running here at PIPC.  Never what any of us expected, but hey, we have held on and will continue to hold on as we ride this crazy coaster.  
Frank, our senior pastor, and Gail have two daughters...both handicap.  Abigail is 41, and Joy is 40; however, they are basically like one year old girls.  Joy was admitted into ICU a week ago and has remained in critical condition.  Talk about a challenge for all of us...Frank and Gail, Joy, us, our congregation, and the doctors and nurses treating Joy. Joy can’t communicate and doesn’t understand what is happening.  They had to sedate her to keep her from pulling her respirator off, taking IVs out, pulling the feeding tube, etc.  The trick with sedation and lack of communication is that it’s very difficult to see if she is responding, hurting, etc...whether it be improvements or steps backwards.  Please lift the Holsclaws up in prayers.  
Well, talk about a twist to our slow adjustment and transition to PIPC.  Thank goodness we are here now though…  Carter has stepped up and taken on many duties on Frank’s calendar: keeping the church running, office work, bulletins, staff stuff, meetings, last minute funeral arrangements and service, last minute sermon, and the list goes on.  And he has been so happy and willing to do so.  I have been so proud of him!  With as exhausted as we have been, we can’t help but thank God for giving us the strength, courage, energy, and guidance we’ve needed.  What a blessing it has been to be able to trust and lean on Our Rock!  
What an honor it has been to be there by Frank and Gail’s side at the hospital.  Think about it...pastors (and their wives) are constantly praying for the congregation, for the staff, making visitations to hospitals, and more.  We have been able to switch these duties around and dedicate our time to the Holsclaws for a change.
It’s been a blessing to pray along side of our PIPC congregation for the Holsclaws.  This is a church full of excited servants and prayer warriors.  At the last minute this past Wednesday, we decided to cancel our “Movie night” and make it “Prayer Time” instead.  A church-wide email was sent out only a couple hours before...and over 125 people came to this prayer service.  Amazing!  Awesome!  ‎"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20.  Our God is greater, our God is stronger. God You are higher than any other. Our God is Healer, awesome and power. Our God, Our God…
Joy’s vital signs (heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure) are back in the normal range.  Her cardiologist is super hopeful.  Her pulmonary specialist not so much.  Roller coaster of emotions...yet we are all super full of hope and faith.  We know God’s will will be done.  We got the “baby steps of improvement” update today...the best news we’ve had in over a week!
We appreciate all of your prayers and can’t thank you enough.  We are constantly thanking God for leading us here when He did, for placing ya’ll in our lives, for His love for us and wanting a relationship with us, and for giving us one another.
Once again...It’s totally God’s timing that I forgot to actually “post” this until now.   (Have had it typed up for a few days now.) The latest update on Joy: She is off the respirator and is breathing on her own!!!!!  Thanks be to God!!!  Frank and Gail have finally taken a deep breath and is cherishing their sweet Joy looking at them.  Keep praying until Joy is safely and healthily back at home.

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  1. His timing is perfect, isn't it? Not that we ever doubt it ... but I have to be honest, I do have some "thoughts" as I remind myself of his perfect timing. I'm so thankful for both of you - your incredible faith, energy, creativity and love of our God. Praying without ceasing at our home for you both, your new church family, and all of your special requests. Praise be to God sweet Joy is breathing on her own. The power of the Wed. night prayer service ... brings tears of joy to my eyes. And yes, we were totally "in sinc" today in our praise & worship singing .. He knew :) Love y'all so much .. miss you, but know you are exactly where He placed you to serve Him.